Top 11 Kitchen Accessories I Can’t Live Without

This is a list of things that I could not do without in the kitchen. Some are for cooking, while others just make life better. These are my top 11 kitchen accessories or kitchen gadgets that I think you need to have in your kitchen.

Disclaimer: Please note that the links on this page are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you buy through the links. All of the products listed below are ones that I own (and I even took the pictures of mine to show it!) and recommend them because they are products that I really enjoy and recommend. If you have any questions about the items listed below, please let me know. I am glad to answer any questions!



My KitchenAid Mixer is not only an awesome mixer that will last you for years and years, but the attachments make it extra useful! As you will see in some of my recipes, I use them all. From the Slicer/Shredder to the Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer. I love them all! I even use it to make fresh pasta with the Pasta-Extruder which is amazing!! I use it to also whip my whipped cream, knead bread and pasta dough, and the typical making of cookies and cakes! I guess I just follow the footsteps of my mother, except in red.







 I love my Metal Mixing Bowls. I use them for everything! I love the multiple sizes and often wish I had 2 sets because when I am cooking a lot of things, I sure need them! They also are great for serving friend at parties. Everything from Chips to Salads go into these puppies!







I LOVE my Vitamix Blender! I make everything from smoothies to hummus. My soups become creamy and smooth. My mayo is fresh and delicious. I also have the Dry Grains Container that allows me to make my own flours! This thing is always one my counter because I use it so much. It is pricey, but it does have a great warranty and will last a very long time!







Food Processor


My Food Processor is something that I thought I could live without. I gave it away when we moved from Texas to Chicago. Boy was a crazy for doing that! I lasted a full year without it and could not take it anymore, so I begged for this one for Christmas! Now I can do my fresh bread crumbs with ease, pie dough is tons easier, not to mention taking a can of beans into a puree when I make bean dip! I love this thing and use it in many ways for many things! It is a must have.












I love my Wooden and Bamboo utensils. They are safe for all of my pots and pans. They are sturdy and come in many shapes and sizes. I avoided them for years for some reason thinking my plastic ones were good enough – I was so wrong.








Kitchen Digital ScaleI thought this was a good idea to buy so I could bake better especially with recipes from outside the United State where they use weight measurements. I never thought I would use this as much as I do. This Digital Kitchen Scale is so useful whether I am breaking down a large cut of meat into manageable portions, or weighing out salt for a recipe. It’s awesome to have around!



Le Creuset

When I bought this pan it was something I had seen being deglazed in a cooking class I attended. I trying to deglaze something at home in my pan didn’t quite work out like it did in the cooking class and I knew that I wanted one of these. While you don’t need a Le Creuset brand Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Oven, you will love having an enameled cast-iron dutch oven of some sort. They can be pricey also, but it is so worth the extra cash and will last forever!






I had wanted one of these Reversible Grill/Griddle for the longest time and kept avoiding buying it. Boy was I stupid! I use this thing at least 5 time a week! I use it to cook steaks on, sausages, a whole breakfast of bacon, home fries and eggs – ALL AT THE SAME TIME! This thing is so useful I don’t know how I lived this long without it.








In my mother’s infinite wisdom, she gave me these Microplane Zester/Graters years ago. When I got them I wondered what ever I would use them for. Well, I will tell you what I use them for: lemon zest, shaving chocolate, shredding cheese, occasional spice grinding, and more. These are great and always useful!




What kitchen doesn’t need a Aluminum Half Sheet Pan? From making garlic bread to roasting vegetables, this half sheet pan is so versatile that I use it regularly. Best part of it? Throw some aluminum foil on it before you put food on it and clean up is minimal!