Peruvian Style Chicken with Green Sauce

Earlier this year we went to a Peruvian restaurant; the same restaurant we had the garlic rice at (causing me to recreate it). My friend ordered this roasted chicken covered in this wonderful green sauce. It smelled and looked amazing. He was kind enough to give us all a case of this wonderful dish. I had to have it again. I searched all over the internet looking for a recipe. I finally found one that’s ingredients looked similar to what we had eaten and it gave me a good base to start from. Continue reading

Pork Egg Rolls

I had a craving for some egg rolls. I bought some wrappers some time ago and found them in the freezer the other day so figured it was a sign to make these! I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to put in them, so I thought of all the best flavors I’d had in egg rolls and what sounded good to my palate and came up with these. Simple, tasty, and only a few ingredients; just how I like to cook! pork egg roll-3

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5 Ingredient Tomato Salad

It’s TOMATO SEASON people! Tomato salad is my favorite summer side! I love this time of year and if you’ve been to our Instagram, you know we are using our own tomatoes from our little garden space. We are getting a lot and have 6 kinds of tomato we are growing! So enough about my love of tomatoes…let’s talk TOMATO SALAD. Tomato Salad-4

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