Walter’s German Potato Salad

German potato salad reminds Walter of the time he lived in Germany. Memories of his time there inspired him to combine the perfect combination of ingredients based on these memories to make his own version of a German potato salad. He made this recipe a few years back out of deep craving for the flavors of Germany. Last night we made it for dinner to go with some grilled brats! It was delicious and I had to share it with everyone! German Potato Salad-4

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Garlic Lemon Sausage

With the weekend starting, here is something worth making and grilling to celebrate the arrival or warmer weather! The clean fresh taste of these sausages are full of spring flavors and will be a hit for an outdoor grilling party!  LEMON AND GARLIC SAUSAGE-1

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Chipotle Cranberry Pork Sausage

 I love sausage. When I started to think about writing this blog, part of my intention was to challenge myself. I’ve never made sausages before – ever. It is something that I have always wanted to try, and after this, I’M SO HAPPY I DID! These turned out amazing! Chipotle Cranberry Pork Sausage

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My Trip to the Polish Sausage Shop

I feel so lucky to live in a city like Chicago where the cultures are so diverse, yet so prominent in each of the neighborhoods. When I was talking with some friends about doing this blog and basing it around pork, they quickly suggested going to a Polish sausage shop in their neighborhood. They frequent it and highly recommended the quality and the great prices. Of course, with recommendations like that, I was on board! I told them they needed to take me and show me this gem! We planned on a day and made it happen. Continue reading