Beef and Eggplant Casserole

I had bought some eggplant the other day to make some baba ganoush. I never did, so I needed to use it up. I first roasted up the eggplant earlier in the day and when it came time to do something with it I came up with this beef and eggplant casserole. beef-eggplant-casserole-4

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Peruvian Style Chicken with Green Sauce

Earlier this year we went to a Peruvian restaurant; the same restaurant we had the garlic rice at (causing me to recreate it). My friend ordered this roasted chicken covered in this wonderful green sauce. It smelled and looked amazing. He was kind enough to give us all a case of this wonderful dish. I had to have it again. I searched all over the internet looking for a recipe. I finally found one that’s ingredients looked similar to what we had eaten and it gave me a good base to start from. Continue reading

Roast Leg of Lamb

I was at Costco last weekend and saw this boneless leg of lamb. It looked so good. I love lamb. Love it. Sadly, I am not familiar with cooking it. I bought it anyway. So here I had this leg of lamb and no idea what to do with it. Google, here I come! I found multiple recipes. All varying in cooking techniques, seasonings, how to season. I gained the most info from a recipe on It was a great guide on temps and cooking time. Walter found some seasoning ideas on We combined …

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