Pumpkin Seed (Pepita) Crusted Pork Steak

I bought these pork steaks the other day and wasn’t sure about what I was going to do with them. I was going to just make my garlic rosemary pork steak recipe, but then realized I had nothing to post this week yet, so needed to change course! I wracked my brain all day and had no idea what to do. I was going to run to the store, but it was freaking cold out, so I went through my pantry and saw them…the pepitas! My mind started firing at all speeds and decided to use them. Continue reading

My Trip to the Polish Sausage Shop


I feel so lucky to live in a city like Chicago where the cultures are so diverse, yet so prominent in each of the neighborhoods. When I was talking with some friends about doing this blog and basing it around pork, they quickly suggested going to a Polish sausage shop in their neighborhood. They frequent it and highly recommended the quality and the great prices. Of course, with recommendations like that, I was on board! I told them they needed to take me and show me this gem! We planned on a day and made it happen. Continue reading

Garlic Rosemary Pork Steak


At the Polish Sausage Shop I visited the other day with my husband and friends, I picked up this amazing pork steak. Not a cut you see often in most supermarkets, but an amazing piece of meat. I lamented on what to do with it. I contemplated marinating it in a honey and soy sauce marinade. Thought I might cover in some pork rub that I had picked up. So many options. I started thinking what I was in the mood for. Like most of us when we are looking for something to cook, I looked in my refrigerator, cupboards, and pantry. …

Continue reading