Beef and Eggplant Casserole

I had bought some eggplant the other day to make some baba ganoush. I never did, so I needed to use it up. I first roasted up the eggplant earlier in the day and when it came time to do something with it I came up with this beef and eggplant casserole. beef-eggplant-casserole-4

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Salsa Chicken

Salsa chicken is what you end up with when you buy some green salsa at the store that was just a little bit too hot for you to eat with chips. It’s true! We didn’t want to throw it out since it was tasty, so I thought if I diluted it down a bit and cooked it with chicken it would mellow out the flavor. It worked.  salsa-chicken-3

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Salt and Pepper Pork

I had a craving for salt and pepper pork. It’s one of my favorite things to get when I go for Chinese. Unfortunately a lot the Chinese restaurants in my neighborhood don’t serve it. They have this in chicken form, which is delicious, but not what I was craving. I googled what to do to make this delicious dish. I found a great recipe here that I altered a bit to make it more what I was used to eating.  Salt and Pepper Pork-5

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Oink Pasta Salad

We had a friend over for dinner the other night. He was going to bring the side. I was cool with that, but he text that he was still at work and didn’t do anything for the side. I told him not to worry, I’d come up with something. Since we were grilling chicken, I thought a summery salad would be nice. I started digging through the pantry and realized I could make an awesome pasta salad. Yeah, I know, my pantry has things in it most people’s don’t, but hey, it’s all in there for moments like these! Continue reading