Oink Pasta Salad

We had a friend over for dinner the other night. He was going to bring the side. I was cool with that, but he text that he was still at work and didn’t do anything for the side. I told him not to worry, I’d come up with something. Since we were grilling chicken, I thought a summery salad would be nice. I started digging through the pantry and realized I could make an awesome pasta salad. Yeah, I know, my pantry has things in it most people’s don’t, but hey, it’s all in there for moments like these! Continue reading

Oink Burger

Today we are putting the “HAM” back into HAMBURGER! So I was planning on calling this one a “Bacon & Ham Hamburger” but upon eating it, Walter coined the phrase “Oinkburger” and I really LIKED it! It all started because I had ham left from the spiral ham I bought and wanted to do something with it in a burger. The plan was to grind it up and mix it with ground beef to make a “ham-burger”. Then I was planning to top it with bacon but thought, “Hey, while I am grinding up the ham, why not do the bacon too!” I …

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Choosing Your Brand, Domain Name, and Hosting Site

The excitement of starting a blog combined with the lack of knowledge means that you have to find some place to start. Choosing where your domain will be hosted is one thing to do. Choosing what you want it to be called is another. Your site’s name will be your brand identity so chose wisely.  Let’s start with the hard part — your brand. This is what your identity will be going forward. It should be simple but reflect what you want your blog to embody. It should fit the aesthetic you want to show — namedesign, colors, your logo. It needs to …

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Kalua Pork

With May Day Lei Day being today I could not think of a better recipe to showcase today! Lei Day is a very important celebration with my Hawaiian friends. It is a day to celebrate Hawaiian culture and leis represent an unspoken expression of Aloha! Celebrate Lei Day at home with this kalua pork recipe directly from my Hawaiian friend Li. Thanks for sharing this deliciousness with me Li! kalua pork

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