Garlic Rice

We went to dinner last weekend to a Peruvian restaurant in our neighborhood. It was a first for me and I have to say, the food was delicious. We will be returning for sure! What really won me over was the garlic rice. It was so simple but so flavorful. I could not get enough of it. I was sure there was not much to it and after some searching online I found the recipe on I was so excited to make it! I actually served it with the leg of lamb from last week! …

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Avocado Toast

I’ve been obsessed with avocado toast. I’ve been eating it for breakfast at least 5 times a week for the last month and a half. Why? Because it is freaking DELICIOUS! Plus, I feel a little healthy when I eat it. I usually have it with eggs of some sort — scrambled or fried. I even decided that for work I could bring boiled eggs to enjoy with it. Avocado toast-1

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Pizza! Two Kinds!

Ok folks! Today is a twofer! (That’s two for one for those of you who don’t know) That means that today we are making 2 kinds of pizza in this one post! I am so excited for this. Not only is it a twofer, but this is a cross-post with my friend Enzo who does a vlog on YouTube called “Son of a Pizza Man“. What does that mean for you? Well, not only do you get to see the lovely pictures of the recipe, but you will get to see me making it as well! Continue reading