Oink Pasta Salad

We had a friend over for dinner the other night. He was going to bring the side. I was cool with that, but he text that he was still at work and didn’t do anything for the side. I told him not to worry, I’d come up with something. Since we were grilling chicken, I thought a summery salad would be nice. I started digging through the pantry and realized I could make an awesome pasta salad. Yeah, I know, my pantry has things in it most people’s don’t, but hey, it’s all in there for moments like these! Continue reading

Pork Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce

We were in Greece back in June and had a great time. Amidst all the culture & beaches, we relished in the food of Greece. You can see a lot of what we enjoyed on the Instagram account. We took lots of pictures of things. We learned a lot of things while there as well. We learned that our term “It’s all Greek to me” doesn’t work over there since the speak Greek. Instead they say “It’s all Chinese to me”. I thought it was quite funny. Rarely did we see lamb on the menus. I can’t say that once while …

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Summer Couscous Salad

This is the last recipe from the spiral ham this summer…I promise! I loved the challenge though! It kept my kitchen cooler, made me think outside the box a bit, and totally got me out of any comfort zone that I had. I am making this one for a Block Party my neighborhood is having this weekend! It’s fresh. It’s easy. It’s delicious!  I took the flavor profiles from our trip to Greece back in June. That’s what inspired me to make this with the fresh summer ingredients that I used. There, everything that was sold in the farmer’s market …

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