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Where I Find Inspiration

 There are a lot of places I get my ideas for recipes. A lot of inspiration is from my own personal experiences — things I have eaten or seen around that look amazing. I get a lot of ideas from my friends who know I love doing this and are always sending me things they see around. I’m fortunate that my friends come from all over the world and from many diverse backgrounds so it allows for a lot of unique food ideas that I need to figure out how to make at some point.

I also find inspiration from places like and Pinterest as well as Tasting Table. I like pictures. If it intrigues me visually, then I will look more into it. These sites tend to do that for me.

When I hear of something that I want to try, I will google the recipe and usually chose a blog over something commercial. I prefer that because they are usually better and more creative and sometimes just good old homestyle recipes. The blogs I listed below I found purely by good fortune through this process. When I cook I tend to change things based on what I have available in my kitchen and pantry, but I love having a good starting point with cook times and temperatures and I appreciate all these blogs and other recipe sites for that. If I ever do take inspiration from these or any other sites or books, you will see them in the post so they get the acknowledgment they deserve!

Where I Find Blog Building Help

 When I started I had no idea where to begin. I searched around and decided to go to WordPress over Blogger. WordPress offered more flexibility over Blogger and, since I hope to have longevity with this blog, it offered ownership.


The next thing I needed to find was a hosting site. After searching a few I decided on Bluehost. It is reasonably priced and super easy to set up. I have not had a problem with them so far and think it is a great site to begin hosting.

The Ins and Outs of it All

Being totally unknowledgeable about how to do anything other than write recipes and cook, I have taken to reading a lot to figure out how to do this blogging thing. Fortunately, for me, there is a lot of information out there on the Net and some of it is much better than others.

I have taken a lot of advice from Pinch of Yum’s “How to Start A Food Blog” page. These guys are brilliant! They are pretty transparent about everything on their site and share so much good advice. They have another site solely to teach you how to be a food blogger which, one day, I will join to learn more. I have also learned a lot from WordPress Forums and Google Webmaster Tools. They have some of the technical things that I was clueless about.

Gotta Get Good Pictures

My photography of food was/is not up to par, but getting better all the time. I have a digital SLR camera, but I am lacking the knowledge on how to use it properly to take pictures of food. I found a site that offered really good direction and hopefully you will see that my pictures are getting better. The site is the Photoshelter Blog. It is not only for food photography but has a wealth of knowledge for all kinds of photography projects.

Blogs I Enjoy Reading

Pinch of Yum

Smitten Kitchen

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