Oinkcooking Talks Food with Joel Barrett!

This is a special post, off cycle of my normal postings, and while it is about pork and food, there is no recipe!

I was invited by my friend Joel Barrett to talk food with him on his Podcast, Joel Speaks Out. Joel is a GLBTQ writer, speaker and advocate as well as a friend of mine. I was thrilled, and nervous, when he asked me to be on his podcast. I don’t consider myself to be a chef by any means, nor do I claim to know everything about food, but I do love food and being a home cook and I love talking about both!

While Joel talks about a lot deeper topics on his podcast, I was thrilled to be part of a lighter conversation about something we both are passionate about. So take about 25 minutes of your day and listen to what Joel and I talk about on Joel Speaks Out! Click HERE to get it!


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