Meet Steve

Roasted Pig

Hi! I am Steve and I have loved to cook since Kindergarten. Back then I would come home from school and make scrambled eggs for my lunch all by myself. I thought that I was so cool. My passion for food and cooking has expanded far beyond scrambled eggs. I am not a professional chef. I am a home cook with a passion to grow my knowledge and share what I have learned.

By day I am a Category Analyst. That is what pays the bills. I have many other interests — mainly good food and cooking! I love to travel and my husband and I get away whenever we can. When we travel, food is a major part of our trips. We love to experience whatever local fare we can consume! I am crazy enough to take notes about the foods we eat so I can try to recreate it later. I also enjoy photographing architecture and nature. Speaking of nature, I love that too. I love being the outdoors. Hiking, walking, swimming, or just sitting enjoying the sun rise and set from atop a mountain. Living in Chicago, I am really missing the mountains being close by to go hiking, but I am finding other things outdoors to enjoy, like the lake.

Thanks for getting to know a little about me. I really hope you enjoy my blog!

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