It’s a Start

photo_pigdiagramI love pork. I think it is the best meat on the planet! It is delicious and versatile and I want to share what I love about it with you! I take my inspiration from my travels, places I’ve lived, and the foods I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy.

To me food is more than just something to eat. It is a way to build relationships and memories with those you love. Food stimulates people gathering, talking, laughing, and enjoying each others company. I love to cook for others. To build special moments that we share. I hope to stimulate that with others through this blog. Encourage you to cook more and build memories with those you love to have around in your life.

I not only want to share some amazing recipes with you, but I plan to share all that I am experiencing along the way as well! I live in Chicago, described by Carl Sandburg as “Hog butcher for the world”, which is full of amazing meat markets, diverse cultures, and so many different kinds of food! I want to experience all this and take you along with me!Chicago SkylineWhile I’d like to say that everything on this blog is going to come from my head of ideas, we all know that is impossible. Pork is the most popular meat eaten worldwide and has been for centuries. So I am sure some of the things I think up on my own might have been done before and I just have not heard of it, but that is ok. I will also be taking inspiration from my friends (who have enthusiastically encouraged me to use their recipes), places I have eaten, and things that I have heard of but never tried. Most things I am doing on here will be an experiment to me. It is my way to try new things, build my knowledge and skills, and become a better cook. Nothing is off the table, but a lot of good stuff is going to go on the table — for sure!



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