How To Make Bacon In The Oven

Now that I write Oinkcooking, I’ve somehow become the bacon guru among my friends. Near and far via Facebook, text, email and other social media my friends contact me about all things regarding bacon. I love it!  The past couple weeks I have gotten the question over and over asking how I cook bacon. I’ve had people come to me with complaints of bacon splatter all over the stovetop and, as great as the smell is, the lingering smell of bacon in the house 8-10 hours after they cooked it. If you haven’t guessed we cook a lot of bacon in our house so I’m going to share how I do it. I figure if that many of my friends have questions, there must be a lot more people out there that could benefit from this info as well. This will show you how to cook bacon in the oven!

Below is the YouTube video for this or you can go to the Oinkcooking YouTube Channel and watch it.

So first things first. I like my bacon crispy. I am not a fan of floppy bacon — at all. So this is going to teach you how to make bacon that’s crispy. That being said, if you don’t like it crispy, then leave it in for less time. Simple as that. 

Making Bacon 2

Secondly, when cooking this I am using bacon that’s normal thickness from the butcher. Often you can find it packaged up right at the store and if you’re lucky they might also sell the ends and pieces at a discounted price. I buy those for when I know I am going to crumble them anyway r add it to a sauce or pasta dish. Often the ends and pieces have a lot of meat in it that goes well for things like that. I rarely buy thick cut bacon. It just tastes longer to cook.  I don’t like packaged bacon. It doesn’t taste right. Last time I bought some it not only didn’t taste right it didn’t crisp up even cooking it longer than what I am going to show you. That’s just not right and there must be some really nasty unnatural shit happening in there for bacon to not be able to crisp.   

Lastly, I hate a big mess! Bacon on the stove does splatter and when grease splatters it also is introduced into the air and floats everywhere. So it’s usually not coating your stove and vent hood, it’s floating all around the kitchen making little grease deposits everywhere. Plus, I keep the bacon grease for later use so I want a way that’s easy to drain it into my grease jar. 

I use one of my favorite items from my 11 Kitchen Items I Can’t Live Without — my half sheet pan. I foil the pan for easier clean up. If you don’t want to foil it, I’ve heard of people using parchment paper. If you don’t mind scrubbing the half sheet a little, don’t line it with anything. It’s all good. 

I lay out my bacon on the sheet in full strips. (Here’s the thing, if you are trying to make those “bacon chips” and cutting the bacon down before cooking them, you’ll need to reduce the time. This recipe is using full strips so mini pieces will cook faster. So reduce the time and keep an eye on them so they don’t burn.)

Making Bacon 1

Once the bacon is all laid out place it onto a cold oven. Don’t preheat. Once in the oven, turn the oven on to 400° and set your timer for 20 minutes. Walk away. No really. Walk away and go do something else for 20 minutes until you hear your timer go off. Don’t open the oven to check it. You’ll let hear out. Use the light inside the oven of you are really that curious and don’t trust me on this one. 

Now once the timer goes off, now open the oven door and check your bacon. If it looks a little “not quite crispy” at this point. Add a minute or two and watch it so it doesn’t burn. 

Making Bacon 3

Remove the baking tray from the oven. Lay out paper towel on s large plate and take each slice of bacon off tray and place on paper towels to allow grease to be removed from the bacon. Blot top with another paper towel…not too hard though since your bacon is crispy. Too hard of blotting will turn it into bacon bits!

Making Bacon 4

That’s it. Seriously. That’s all. If you’re like me and save the bacon grease for use later, then let the grease cool a bit before adding it to your jar of bacon grease in the refrigerator. Peel off the foil or parchment paper and discard. Wash the pan. No need to scrub down the stove and wipe random splatters from all over. Not with this technique. 

Making Bacon 5

Now go! Go enjoy your bacon!

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