First Steps To Starting A Food Blog

Starting a food blog is kind of scary. If you are like me and hadn’t ever done it before, it is not just scary but unfamiliar territory. So many things to do and learn. So many unknowns, like where to start! There are a lot decisions to make and change and change again and again. Starting a blog is something that you need to have a plan for if you want it to be successful. Any new project can be difficult if not properly planned out so you’ll need to think of a few things in the beginning. Ask yourself:

   – How long do I want to spend working on the blog each week?

   – How often do I intend to publish a post?

   – Do I want to do it for fun in my free time or to make money?

These are things that I thought about and honestly, my initial expectations were a lot lower in the planning phase than when I actually launched the blog months later. Surprisingly, the hardest part for me was deciding what the focus of my blog was going to be.

What To Blog About?

Deciding what to focus on is the first step and can be difficult. Oinkcooking took quite some time to develop in my head far before I was ready to start writing it. It is a process to find your passion.


My process started when my friend suggested I write a blog. She initially said I should write a food blog reviewing restaurants. My immediate reply was that I didn’t want to write about other people’s food, but about my own. At that moment, my first big decision was made! I knew what I wanted to blog about!

Once I knew that I wanted to start a food blog that focused on my cooking and recipes I was super excited! I realized, however, there are thousands out there, so I had to think about how I was going to set myself apart. I am passionate about many food related things, but I needed to pick something that would not only challenge me, but that I REALLY loved. Narrowing that down for some people is very difficult. It took me a few weeks to figure out what I wanted to write about and cook on a weekly basis. It took cooking a few weeks and following my heart to figure out my niche would be pork. 

Here is a process that I used to figure out what my passion was for and find something that I could write about for years. This can be used for so many other kinds of blogs beyond a cooking one, but I am writing it from the perspective of a cooking blog.

1. Write down the recipes that you cook regularly and really enjoy making.

   – What are your go to recipes?

   – What can you make in your sleep with no recipe at all?

2. Write down recipes you have always wanted to make but never taken the time to try.

   – Dig through those pages you’ve torn out of magazine and those bookmarks from recipe sites and see what you are most interested in making.

3. Decide what challenges, if any, you are up for.

   – What flavors are you interested in trying?

   – Do you want to keep with your everyday foods or push you own skills to new levels?

4. Look over what you cook regularly and what you want to cook and see what they have in common. Make a few of them.

   – Are you loving it?

   – Is it inspiring you to think of more of these things to make?

5. If you are feeling inspired and excited about what you worked on, this is your niche. If it is not exciting you then you might just have to keep searching. Repeat the process and see what fits for you.

Remember to think toward the future of your writing. Do you want to write about this each week for the next 5 years or so? Can you write about it for the next 5 years or so? 

If the ideas start flowing and you are getting excited over them, then this is something that is going to keep your attention for some time. You are now ready to start your next step of naming your blog and getting your domain name and hosting set up.

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