Easy Peach Upside Down Cake

I have been craving cake all week. Store cupcakes didn’t cut it. Then the other day my friend posted a picture of this peach upside down cake. I was salivating and immediately messaged him for the recipe. He sent me his inspiration from the Toronto Star. He said he used a store bought yellow cake instead of making one from scratch like the recipe said to. I don’t often used boxed ingredients like this, but I was all up for that since I wanted to make something quick and delicious. Easy Peach Upside Down …

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Cocoa Balls

These cocoa balls were something that was served to me many time when I would visit a friend while living in Slovenia. She would make these repeatedly and I would devour them. I finally had to ask her for the recipe before I moved back to the U.S. Thanks to Anica, I have been able to share this simple dessert with friends in the U.S. for years, now I can share them with you. Cocoa Balls-3

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Texas Sheet Cake

In efforts to diversify the recipes on Oinkcooking, I begged for ideas from my friends on what to include. There were quite a few requests for desserts. I am not a baker (I think I have mentioned that before). Baking and I don’t tend to get along. I can do simple cookies and cakes, but get more technical and I am ready to head to the bakery to get what I need instead. That’s why I love my mom’s Texas Sheet Cake recipe! It is easy…like SUPER EASY!

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Thanksgiving Survival Kit

The holidays can be stressful, I know. Family and friends coming over. Some even staying with you. While I am sure most have their Thanksgiving staples, some of you might want to try something new, OR, this is your FIRST Thanksgiving and you want to impress! I am here to help you out with some of my favorite recipes from Oinkcooking, and others I’ve wanted to try, that will add to your turkey dinner and breakfast ideas for the morning after for those guest who spent the night. It’s all in one place so you are not jumping all over …

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