Limoncello Spring Tea

A few weeks back I took a class on how to make limoncello. It was awesome. I went with a friend and we learned how simple it is. So, I came home and the next day started the process to make my own. It turned out delicious. We sipped on this delicious aperitif for a few evenings after dinner and thoroughly enjoyed it. Walter thought this would taste good with iced tea. I had to agree it would make a nice combination. limoncello spring tea-1

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The Pickle Back Cocktail

I had a desire to make a cocktail. Well, one of my co-workers came up with the idea actually. She said, “I think Oinkcooking needs a cocktail! You should infuse something with bacon!” Well, I am always up for suggestions and I had just bought a thing of bourbon so I thought, “Why not?!” Infusing the bourbon was the easy part. Coming up with something special to do with it was more difficult. While I enjoy craft cocktails, I am not a mixologist; that is when I enlisted the help of my buddy Wade! He is the one that came …

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Bacon Infused Bourbon

This is really easy! Ingredients: 2 cups Bourbon 2 tablespoons bacon grease Glass jar In a glass jar, combine the bourbon and the bacon grease. Stir well and let sit at room temperature for 6-8 hours. Place in refrigerator for at least one day. Remove from refrigerator. Remove solid grease from jar and discard. With a fine mesh sieve, strain out solids from bourbon. If necessary, strain a second time using cheese cloth to get all small solids out. Use bacon infused bourbon in many bourbon based cocktails. Check out the cocktails section on Oinkcooking for recipes! Continue reading