Grilled Stuffed Portobellos

I saw these portobellos at the store and thought it might be fun to make “burgers” out of them. I had a better idea for them than grilling them into a burger. I stuffed them instead WITH ONLY 4 INGREDIENTS!  stuffed portobellos-5

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Walter’s German Potato Salad

German potato salad reminds Walter of the time he lived in Germany. Memories of his time there inspired him to combine the perfect combination of ingredients based on these memories to make his own version of a German potato salad. He made this recipe a few years back out of deep craving for the flavors of Germany. Last night we made it for dinner to go with some grilled brats! It was delicious and I had to share it with everyone! German Potato Salad-4

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Salmon with Bacon and Asparagus with Balsamic Mango Drizzle

I have had guests help me with my posts in the past, but this is the first time I let someone take completely over. When my friend Matt Layton sent me pictures of his salmon last weekend and asked if I wanted to use it on the blog, I was more than willing to have him take over. It looked so delicious, how could I hold it back. So here it is! Steve previously announced that Oinkcooking is taking a new direction this year, expanding out from a pork ­exclusive focus to be more inclusive of ALL the wonderful meats out there. …

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Bacon Cheese Dip/Sauce

Having a New Years Eve party? Have I got the perfect dip to throw in your crock pot! I call it a dip, but it also doubles as a sauce if you want it to! IT. IS. DELICIOUS! Bacon cheese sauce will be the hit of the party and guess what? It is pretty EASY to make! You can see just how easy by watching the YouTube Video HERE. Or you can pretend to be a pro at it and just follow the recipe blow. I tell you, it is awesome! Bacon Cheese …

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