Pork Egg Rolls

I had a craving for some egg rolls. I bought some wrappers some time ago and found them in the freezer the other day so figured it was a sign to make these! I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to put in them, so I thought of all the best flavors I’d had in egg rolls and what sounded good to my palate and came up with these. Simple, tasty, and only a few ingredients; just how I like to cook! pork egg roll-3

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Avocado Toast

I’ve been obsessed with avocado toast. I’ve been eating it for breakfast at least 5 times a week for the last month and a half. Why? Because it is freaking DELICIOUS! Plus, I feel a little healthy when I eat it. I usually have it with eggs of some sort — scrambled or fried. I even decided that for work I could bring boiled eggs to enjoy with it. Avocado toast-1

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Baked Feta Over Polenta

So here it is…my first official recipe that does not have pork in it! Last summer we were in Greece and ate feta…baked! It was SO delicious, I had to replicate it. I decided to pair it with a simple polenta to make a full meal out of it rather than the appetizer we enjoyed on vacation. Baked Feta Over Polenta-3

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Bacon Cheese Dip/Sauce

Having a New Years Eve party? Have I got the perfect dip to throw in your crock pot! I call it a dip, but it also doubles as a sauce if you want it to! IT. IS. DELICIOUS! Bacon cheese sauce will be the hit of the party and guess what? It is pretty EASY to make! You can see just how easy by watching the YouTube Video HERE. Or you can pretend to be a pro at it and just follow the recipe blow. I tell you, it is awesome! Bacon Cheese …

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