Top 5 Recipes of 2015 and other Fun Stats

It’s exciting so see where Oinkcooking has gone over the past year and the top 5 recipes from 2015 and I wanted to share it with you all…because it is you who visit that make up these numbers and that I enjoy writing for. I was shocked to see such high numbers (for big sites, this is nothing, but for me who just writes and cooks and has a good time doing it in my free time, this is amazing). So I want to say Thank You for making Oinkcooking what it is! Happiest of New Years and on …

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Bacon Cheese Dip/Sauce

Having a New Years Eve party? Have I got the perfect dip to throw in your crock pot! I call it a dip, but it also doubles as a sauce if you want it to! IT. IS. DELICIOUS! Bacon cheese sauce will be the hit of the party and guess what? It is pretty EASY to make! You can see just how easy by watching the YouTube Video HERE. Or you can pretend to be a pro at it and just follow the recipe blow. I tell you, it is awesome! Bacon Cheese …

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Christmas Pork Loin

Well Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that your year has gone well and that your holiday season has not been too stressful. If there is anything I have learned during the holidays, it’s to organize early, plan things out, get it done early, and relax while everyone else is freaking out! That even goes with Christmas dinner! I planned a little later than normal this year. I am even adapting a recipe that I found, and honestly, it turned out great. You’ll see in the video that the first time around the meat was chewy, in a way I’ve never …

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Meatball Soup

I was sitting at work the other day dreaming of what to make for dinner. It was chilly and rainy out, a perfect night for a hearty soup — a Meatball Soup! I had a small pork butt in the refrigerator I needed to use so I figured it would be perfect to grind up and make meatballs with. I also had fresh chicken stock from a couple nights before I wanted to use since it has so much great flavor. I sat on the train home staring into the rain-filled sky and wrote this up. You’ll see when you Continue reading