Thanksgiving Survival Kit

The holidays can be stressful, I know. Family and friends coming over. Some even staying with you. While I am sure most have their Thanksgiving staples, some of you might want to try something new, OR, this is your FIRST Thanksgiving and you want to impress! I am here to help you out with some of my favorite recipes from Oinkcooking, and others I’ve wanted to try, that will add to your turkey dinner and breakfast ideas for the morning after for those guest who spent the night. It’s all in one place so you are not jumping all over …

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Bacon Apple Pie

I love apple pie. When my friend Eli told me he made a bacon apple pie, I knew I had to have it! I was told the spices are very light to not take away from the flavor of the bacon and it has a smooth taste of bourbon when you eat it. Admittedly, this is NOT my recipe. Yeah, I changed a the kind of liquor to bourbon, but this is his! Came from his blog many years ago, but he was kind enough to give it to me to share on Oinkcooking with one request — Don’t link …

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Sausage and Herb Dressing/Stuffing

It’s a week before Thanksgiving, so I am posting this a little early to give everyone time to prepare. I love stuffing/dressing. They are practically the same thing, just that stuffing is made inside the bird, dressing is not. But I digress, back to Thanksgiving and this fabulous dressing that I make every year. Usually, if I am cooking the meal, it is a stuffing. This year, Walter and I were invited to some friends for dinner, so this will not be done in a bird, but still gonna end up in my belly! OH YEAH!!   Continue reading

Bulgogi Pork

So over the summer I made some jerky. It was delicious and based off of this dish I am showing today — Bulgogi Pork. When making the jerky my house smelled so awesome, I could only imagine what it would be as a cooked dish, so finally took the time to do it. While I didn’t stray much from my jerky recipe, I did make a few preparation and execution changes. Check it out! Bulgogi Pork-4

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