20,000 Views!! Top 5 Recipes

I am so excited that this last week we hit over 20,000 views of Oinkcooking!! For me, this is a big deal! It was a short 8 months ago that I started this blog. In that time I’ve had a few highly successful recipes, and a few that I was more excited about than y’all who read this. I have written and cooked 64 recipes, filmed 20 YouTube videos, and written 11 posts not relating to recipes. I am loving it all along the way!

I thought it was a good time to review through the biggest hit posts since I started Oinkcooking and share them. The top 5 recipes have attributed to 20% of all the views Oinkcooking has received. TWENTY FREAKING PERCENT! I am feeling like Sally Fields — “You like me! You really like me!”

Many thanks to you readers who follow me and visit Oinkcooking regularly. I give a lot of gratitude to you who might be reading this for the first time. I am so passionate about cooking and giving some great recipes that I hope I can continue doing so for a long time. 

Now, the countdown from #5 to the #1 viewed recipes…

#5 Spaghetti Pie


#4 Pork Chile Verde – Colorado Style


#3 Stuffed Pasta Shells


#2 Garlic Rosemary Pork Steak


#1 Breakfast Pasta


I can’t believe my breakfast pasta has had the most views of any!! If you check it out on Yummly.com, it has been liked over 665 times! I am amazed by this since it was derived from me cleaning out the leftovers from my fridge on weekend morning!

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