10 Things You Need to Know About Your Friends That Cook

1. They prefer cooking for you than meeting you out somewhere for dinner.

It is something they really love to do and is often how they show they love you. Nothing says love more than some good food shared with good company. Be prepared to be invited over to dinner regularly.


2. When they say they don’t need you to bring anything — they really mean it.

They have all details planned out so if you feel the need to bring anything, bring a bottle of wine. That way you can enjoy it with dinner, or if the cook already has wine selected for the meal, you can enjoy it after dinner or just leave it as a gift for the host.


3. Be prepared to be a guinea pig.

They are gonna try out their new recipes or for something they found on some blog you never knew existed. Consider yourself lucky because rarely will they ever serve you the same thing!


4. Cooking is an art and cooks are artists.

Just like any artistic person, they know when they’ve made crap, so sometimes you just need to suffer through it. They’ve invited you over and have no back up. They already know it’s not their best and are probably very embarrassed to serve it. Be kind. It’s what friends do.


5. Don’t tell your cook friend how you would improve their meal.

They spent a lot of time, effort and money to make the meal. Unless they ask you for an honest critique, don’t give one. Your cooking style or tastes may be very different so the feta you would have used instead of goat cheese might not have been the flavors THEY wanted. When you cook it at home for yourself, make that change then. At their home just enjoy and be gracious. 


6. Cooking and baking are totally different things.

A baker can rarely cook and a cook can rarely bake. So if you friend is always suggesting you to bring dessert, that’s usually why. 


7. Pot lucks are always fun for those friends that love to cook.

They wanna share their talent with all their friends and taste their friends’ creations. Don’t feel intimidated if you are not a cook. They know their friends well enough to know who cooks and who doesn’t so are fine if you buy something or just bring drinks. When you do cook, they are always impressed because they know it’s not your thing and love that you did it!


8. When they say “Dinner is at 7”, they mean dinner is at SEVEN.

Unless something goes awry, they’ve timed the meal to be ready when they say it’ll be ready. Don’t be late. It’s rude not to mention frustrating to the cook. If it is a dish that can’t be kept warmed easily while waiting for you to get there, then it’s not gonna taste right and it’s kind of going to be your fault. Always show up about 10 minutes early. Unless you cook friend tells you “Come around 7, we will eat at 7:30”, plan for the time they tell you to eat. 


9. They are protective of their kitchenware.

The things they have are like their babies. Don’t mess with them. They may decline your help to clean up afterwards because they have a special way of cleaning their pots and pans, not because they think you can’t do it. 


10. They often find cooking therapeutic.

If you think it’s hard cooking all day, it is, but they take immense pleasure in it, so don’t worry when they go to all the trouble. Just enjoy it and thank them. That is meaningful to them. 

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  1. YES…I must agree on all of these points…especially if I say dinner is at seven..I ean SEVEN.
    Thanks for sharing….awesome!

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