Mushroom Soup

I was a the market the other day and grabbed some cremini mushrooms. I was craving some mushroom soup so decided I was going to make some. There is something about the earthiness of mushroom soup and the way it fills and warms your body. I was having an inspiring Sunday afternoon and wanted something for lunch other than left over pizza. So I dug through the pantry to see what I had to be able to make this work.

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Beef and Eggplant Casserole

I had bought some eggplant the other day to make some baba ganoush. I never did, so I needed to use it up. I first roasted up the eggplant earlier in the day and when it came time to do something with it I came up with this beef and eggplant casserole.


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Aunt Lodema’s English Soup

It’s soup season and the cold weather always makes me want comfort food. I grew up on this soup. It was passed down from my Great Aunt Lodema and my mom made it many times each winter. It makes the house smell wonderful and your insides nice and warm.


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Walter’s Lasagna

One of Walter’s specialties is lasagna. He’s always made a great dish and it improved after our trip to Italy (and the many detailed notes we took while eating the food there). One of the things that make this lasagna so amazing is the fresh ingredients used in it especially the fresh homemade pasta noodles. If you are daring enough and have the tools, I highly recommend using them. It is ok if you don’t but it does make a difference.


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